Alcohol and your appearance

Those who have left alcohol rehab have noticed that since they sought help they have looked younger and healthier.

Alcohol can impact anyone’s physical/mental health and appearance.

When people talk about alcohol, they mostly discuss the impact that alcohol has on someone’s physical health and their vulnerability to certain diseases and conditions.

However, alcohol can have a negative impact in different ways on a person.

The effects of alcohol on your appearance

Alcohol naturally hydrates the body, which includes the skin. It happens every time someone drinks alcohol regardless if it is a normal or a large amount.

People notice that they may feel dehydrated after having an alcoholic drink, but they may not have noticed it makes their skin look dry.

Alcohol can also make faces and bodies look bloated and puffy.

Despite people claiming that alcohol contains empty calories, they still do not positively help your body.

Alcoholic drinks are very high in sugar and can contain the same amount of calories as unhealthy snacks.

The blood vessels in your eyes can also widen if you drink too much alcohol.

As a result of heavy drinking, more blood needs to flow through our eyes which results in a bloodshot look.

Those who continuously drink alcohol will also have dark circles around their eyes because of their lack of sleep.

You do not need to live with alcoholism.

While some people may decide to go to a beauty treatment clinic to fix some of their appearance issues that are caused by alcoholism, the only thing that will truly help them in rehab.

Why do people get help for their alcoholism at a rehab centre?

Rehab is the only permanent solution that will provide someone with help for their alcohol addiction.

They provide a range of different ways that help an alcoholic get better.

  • To have access to a safe, medical detox in a controlled environment
  • So they are in a location where they cannot have easy access to alcohol
  • Different therapies that can help uncover the reason for their addiction
  • Alcohol rehab can reverse some of the damage caused by their drinking – we recommend Castle Craig
  • Access to post-rehab support groups and tools that will be beneficial when leaving rehab

Rehab centres are trained to help anyone beat their addiction to alcohol.

There is no need to make excuses for your addiction, getting help at an alcohol rehab facility will let you begin your sober life.